Digital transformation is the rocket fuel that helps companies boost productivity, engage consumers, and empower their people. It has spurred companies to reimagine how work gets done by creating digital workspaces designed to foster agility, enhance service levels and accelerate time to success. No longer tethered to corporate desks and cubicles, employees work as virtual teams – communicating and collaborating anytime, anywhere, using the applications and devices they need.

Forty-three percent of employees spend at least some time working remotely1. A rise in employee mobility and applications moving to SaaS has businesses relying on their IT departments to ensure employees stay connected virtually anytime, and from any location. However, the new application infrastructure for SaaS, BYO, and the on-demand, work-from-anywhere environment is also posing new workflow challenges and security risks. In many cases, IT lacks end-to-end visibility and control, and struggles to deliver an optimal user experience for their employees and customers.